About WorldTech International

About WorldTech International – In business since 2002, we are an information services, technology consulting, and systems engineering firm that specializes in technology management, global technology scouting and surveillance, technology intelligence, technology assessments, and open innovation consulting. We investigate the world’s R&D markets to match, bring-to-light and assess the most promising technologies, capabilities, and applications to meet and/or complement our customers’ global technology awareness and mission critical needs.

Our working team is comprised of a specialized network of science, engineering, and technology experts. We have developed specialized services and capabilities to rapidly and effectively collect and synthesize information from numerous open internet sources, databases, institutions, as well as information from human-collected and other non-digital forms. We employ an innovative, technology portal called NEWTON (New Technology Opportunities Network) that was developed specifically, and is used internally, to optimize and automate the discovery and analysis of expansive volumes of technology information from web, deep web, and human-derived sources. WorldTech International also travels extensively to venture capital, scientific, technical and other meetings and conferences to seek out and maintain a first-hand awareness of scientific and technical developments worldwide.

Our clients include national and international institutions and individuals at all levels of government and industry.