Creating Roadmaps in Real Time

March 20th, 2017 by

A California 3-D mapping startup is set to release a kit for self-driving cars that allow for the generation of readable maps in real time. The kit consists of a software and self-contained, plug-and-play hardware including cameras and LiDAR. The startup has also developed the platform that works with a vehicle’s existing sensors that are typical in new models. According to the company, they have been testing their platform with major automakers in Asia, Europe, and North America since fall 2016. The system uses artificial intelligence to aggregate raw 3-D data from the cameras and LiDAR. It organizes the data and discards the unnecessary information so less data storage is needed. This is an important aspect to the system because a small data footprint makes it easier and less expensive to transmit the information over cell networks, which may allow self-driving cars to crowdsource, update, and share road data in real time.