Internet Connectivity

March 21st, 2017 by

There is a Kenya communications hardware company that recently introduced a new product that is a waterproof, solar-powered WiFi box that operates as a 3G hotspot and off-grid server. The product is the sequel to the company’s debut product that launched in 2013, whose purpose was to address reliable power and internet through 1 device connectivity and USB charging for up to 20 devices. The new product has a dual core processor and a 5-terabyte hard drive. The new system can be used in almost any environment to provide up to 100 internet connections, streaming video for 50 devices, and enough server capacity to run a Linux stack. In addition to the hardware, the company is providing a service that will provide ad-supported free public internet access and a content delivery network service. Later this year, the company will offer a third product that is an ultra-rugged device designed for Internet of Things applications.