Malware Detection

January 19th, 2015 by

Researchers from Oak Ridge National Lab of Tennessee and R&K Cyber Solutions of Virginia are developing Hyperion, a malware detection software that can recognize malicious software even if the specific program has not been previously identified as a threat. The system, which has been under development for awhile, purportedly offers more comprehensive scanning capabilities than existing cyber security methods. Hyperion can analyze program behaviors associated with harmful intent (malicious operations or domain specific problems) without using the source code or running the program. Software behavior computation is based on deep functional semantics. Hyperion’s malware analysis capabilities can be applied to multiple security problems including software assurance in the absence of source code, hardware and software data exploitation and forensics, supply chain security analysis, anti-tamper analysis, and potential first intrusion detection systems based on behavior semantics. The system is expected to be released within the month.

Source: ORNL

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