Space-Based Big Data Supercomputing Platform

October 8th, 2014 by

ConnectX of California is a startup working to deploy space-based supercomputing platform, including high performance networking and data storage services, using a constellation of micro satellites.  Their concept also includes a new type of non-binary processor instruction in which binary code is replaced with symbols.  ConnectX’s founder says the new system is more efficient; he makes the analogue of how a sentence in English can sometimes be captured in a single Chinese character.  Additionally, their system will also include a new data-transfer technique that involve twisted radio beams able to transfer data at substantial speeds across open space.  ConnectX hopes to launch its first satellite in about a year in order to test out the data storage and transmission technologies.  A beta launch with the full suite of services is probably two to three years out, and might include 5 to 10 satellites to serve test customers.  ConnectX claims their space-based solution will be far less expensive, faster, more secure and accessible anywhere in the world.

Source:  ConnectX website