Seamless Intelligence and 23 Disruptive Technologies

October 5th, 2014 by

IEEE recently released a report (IEEE CS 2022 Report) written by nine technology leaders which outlines 23 future disruptive technologies.  The report was designed to help readers understand the impact of the technologies, provide an idea of how the technologies are evolving along with their implications for society.   A core concept of the document is so-called seamless intelligence

 …that by 2022, we will be well into a phase where intelligence becomes seamless and ubiquitous to those who can afford and use state-of-the-art information technology.  At the heart of the “seamless intelligence” revolution is seamless networking, where the transition from one network device to another is transparent and uninterrupted.  To achieve seamlessness and realize logical end-to-end connectivity, we’ll need communications to run independently on top of any form of physical networking, regardless of device or location…  (Dejan Milojicic, post)

Read the report, IEEE CS 2022 Report, as well as the 23 technologies identified in the report at Computing Now post.

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