NewTechScan Launched

February 15th, 2010 by

WorldTech International Launches NewTechScan:
Aggregated, Targeted New Science & Technology Innovation Reports for Execs

Relevant New S&T Advancements from Around the Globe Delivered Straight to Your Inbox

ALEXANDRIA, VA – WorldTech International LLC (WTI), a technology awareness service for private and public sectors, today debuted its New Technology Global Scanning (NewTechScan) service, a weekly, targeted and customizable email report on science and technology advancements for busy C-level executives across all industries. Highlighting data collected by WTI and based on pre-defined ‘topics of interest,’ NewTechScan offers an aggregated, succinct look at new science and technology advancements, saving time for high-level executives by sifting and delivering crucial information straight to their inboxes.

Based on a confidential, customer-defined list of up to five topics of, NewTechScan aggregates data drawn from thousands of on- and off-line sources like U.S. and foreign patent applications, university technology transfer sites, science parks, venture capital conferences and S&T news feeds. Customers can change ‘topics of interest’ at any time for added flexibility. Topics can be broad (ex: ‘green’ technology) or more focused (ex: clean energy for automobiles) according to the customer’s desires.

“Busy corporate executives don’t have time to sift through mountains of not-so-relevant information based on vague and general searches, so we’re offering them a highly customizable, time-saving way to get to the crucial information on relevant technological advancements,” said Dr. Earnest Paylor, president of WorldTech International LLC. “Its like a reading service…and by offering a streamlined, targeted email format, execs get only what is relevant to them, delivered directly to their inbox in a quickly readable handheld or desktop format.”

“Most on-line news services provide stories on what the service thinks is important. In contrast, our NewTechScan is customized for each customer based on what they tell us is important,” said WorldTech International VP Mike Patterson.

For added flexibility, NewTech Scan customers can designate report inclusiveness in terms of data source, maturity level, sector and more. Weekly reports include a one paragraph description of each discovery and a WTI estimate of the maturity level (i.e. eTRL for estimated Technology Readiness Level).

No matter what industry, NewTechScan (based on WTI’s services) has far-reaching applications and benefits for businesses. WTI helps clients monitor industry and technology trends, identify potential partnerships or markets, assess licensing or acquisition opportunities, support risk or threat assessments or maintain attentive awareness and understanding of the science and technology marketplace. The company’s New Technology Opportunities Network (NEWTON)—an advanced, web-based knowledge portal—allows users to quickly pinpoint and exploit information about current science discoveries and technology developments taking place anywhere around the globe.

To find out how inexpensive NewTechScan is, either call or send an email to Mike Patterson: Tel. 1-703-778-5444 x126.

Based in Alexandria, VA, WorldTech International LLC is a specialized consulting and knowledge systems development company that focuses on technology and innovation. Serving national and international clients across all levels of government and industry, WTI studies and assesses emerging technologies and scientific discoveries worldwide, acts as a working knowledge base for its clients, and determines which technologies are best suited to its client’s needs or can be applied to mission-critical systems. For more information, please visit:

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