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November 1st, 2013 by

Alexandria, VA: WorldTech International LLC and Innovative Solutions Consortium Inc. sign agreement to drive innovation

WorldTech International LLC (WTI) has entered into an agreement with the Innovative Solutions Consortium  Inc. (ISC) to work together to identify, pursue and accelerate collaboration, business, information exchange and industry opportunities for each organization.

The ISC is a national, technology focused, industry-exclusive not-for-profit, 501c(6) business consortium whose mission is to unite and support companies that share a vision to develop solutions to Government’s (and its Partner’s) toughest technology and scientific challenges.  It is an action-based, results-oriented, collaborative, and cross-industry forum that is dedicated to technology and scientific innovation, with membership and or thought leadership from among leading federal contractors and technology solutions providers of all sizes.   The ISC’s senior leadership also includes individuals with prior leadership roles at the Government, large and small business.  The ISC currently has distribution reach to over 600 commercial and defense technology companies. The ISC is quickly developing its footprint as a change catalyst and a leader in the market for changing the way organizations collaborate in support of mission.

The ISC has developed a framework for innovation called VIVID (Virtually-Innovate-Vet-Incubate-Deliver) that is focused on engaging and invigorating small businesses and helping them bring their innovative ideas and solutions to government and industry.

VIVID is designed to provide a 4-step approach to addressing “Hard-to-Solve Problems” by:

  1. Identifying innovative breakthroughs developed by industry, academic institutions, or government laboratories
  2. Vetting proposed alternatives and select the optimum solutions to the hard-to-solve problems
  3. Incubating teamwork and multi-organization partnerships to develop and test proposed prototype solutions
  4. Delivering effective prototype solutions that effectively satisfy mission challenges

The VIVID Framework was originally developed to unearth and nurture innovative ways to give our national security agencies the technological edge they need to stay ahead of our adversaries; however, the approach is a proven and effective way to introduce innovation into any organization.

WorldTech International, LLC is an information services and technology consulting firm that specializes in technology management, global technology scouting and surveillance, technology intelligence, technology assessments, and open innovation consulting. They investigate and assesses the world’s R&D markets to discover, match, and assess the most promising technologies, capabilities, and applications to meet and/or complement our customers’ global technology awareness and mission critical needs. They have specialized tools to rapidly and effectively collect and synthesize information from numerous open internet sources, databases, institutions, as well as information from human-collected and other non-digital forms. Importantly, they employ an innovative technology portal called NEWTON (New Technology Opportunities Network) that was developed specifically, and is used internally, to optimize and automate the discovery and analysis of expansive volumes of technology information from web, deep web, and human-derived sources.

Insofar as both organizations are dedicated to technology and scientific innovation as it relates to developing and integrating solutions to their customers’ toughest technology and scientific challenges, they both recognize the mutual value and synergy in the establishment of a strategic and business-building relationship.  In particular, both organizations see it highly beneficial to apply WTI science and technology intelligence tools and processes as part of the ISC VIVID Framework and innovation initiatives.

For more information contact:

Dr. Earnest D. Paylor, II, President of WorldTech International, LLC, or,

Mr. Steve Hunt, Executive Director, Innovative Solutions Consortium

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